Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Place to find Spring

When it is cold and snowy out like it is right now, I love going in Maureen's Designs. This flower shop is so cheery with beautiful flowers and growing things everywhere. The colors of the store remind me of summer and in these dog days of winter it is nice to have a place to get a break from the cold and gray. Maureen is so much fun and her work is exquisite. One of these days I am going to get a bunch of my girlfriends and go in for a training class on flower arranging. Stop by and buy yourself a sprig or two of deserve it!


  1. Maureen has a real flair for combining color, texture and scents for the most beautiful bouquets ever. We are SO SO lucky to have her and Jack right downtown. They are true treasures.

  2. Maureen, and her husband Jack, have filled their corner spot with flowers and fun. Walk in, take a deep breath and the world just seems little nicer.