Friday, January 9, 2009

Downtown Icon

I've gotten a little behind on getting out my blog. I appreciate your patience with me while I try to get a system going.
The featured store today is very interesting because they are actually having a end of career closing sale, sort of strange for me to pick as our first retailer to talk about but....
I chose The Calico Cat because Marsha Duncan was one of our first retailers in Saline. She started in Manchester over 30 years ago and moved to Saline over 25 yrs ago to the store she is in today. Then she expanded to have 2 stores in Saline by doing an incredible job renovating the Methodist Church (she even used some of the church doors for her display cabinets!)
I love her store because you can find the most unique gifts there and she has a great selection of childrens books. The store she is in now (next to Benny's bakery) has a lot of Christmas collections, even pieces of the wooden German collectibles that I inherited from my grandmother!
We will so miss Marsha, Jim, the great gift selections and their wonderful stories and friendliness.
I hope you get a chance to stop in there before they are gone and visit this fabulous store.

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  1. I also heard today from April Scarlett that she will be closing Beanstalks Play Cafe because of the downturn in the economy. It's very unfortunate that Saline is losing two businesses in the downtown. I encourage people to stop by and let April, as well as Marsha Duncan, know that they and their business were appreciated and valued.