Thursday, September 17, 2009

Commuity Volunteers

While we were waiting for the fair parade to begin I had the chance to meet some amazing people. They were gathered around colorful wooden carts, which were circling Harris Street in front of city hall. The local First United Methodist Church has started a project to build PETs. (aka Personal Empowerment Transportation). They are building these carts and sending them to disabled people living in poverty around the world. The stories they shared were so moving, I wanted everyone to learn about this great project. They talked about the shoe cobbler who stores his supplies in the back of his PET and can now earn a living. Or the disabled couple who now are able to be married because they can both make a living, every day he goes 3miles out to his farm field to harvest while she sells the produce at the market. Right here in Saline we are impacting lives far away. The group is looking for more volunteers and financial contributions. Their goal is to produce 1,000 PET's and change the world, one person at a time. And they are always looking for volunteers!